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A few words about this site

This new site, opened in November 2017, is the reflect of my successes and failures . For those who follow my projects from the beginning, it must be very confusing to realize that it talks first about polywell, then dense plasma focus, and later stellarators, and now back again on inertial electrostatic confinement. This is probably just the way it goes when you talk about amateur physics. One day you really think to have found the good way, and a few mounths later you suddenly face a big wall. So you engage the reverse gear, come back to initial state, think hard again, and find a new path to the graal. 

My goal is primarily to publish more regularly in the form of articles essentially.

Indeed, after having tested many configurations of sites for my previous projects, I opted for a blog allowing a fast update. I used to use almost static pages that required too much work formatting and editing each project progress. You will find here only a few static pages in the menu bar, which are mainly intended to present my work globally.

I have created many categories for articles, this allows a visitor a quick thematic research according to personal interests.