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Reverse gear, again – 17/02/2019

The site is in full redesign, having abandoned the project of a miniature stellarator which faces insurmountable technical difficulties . I must therefore  return to a my initial project that aims to have a set of tools  to conduct fusion experiments. 

The aim is to build a vacuum chamber allowing different experiments on fusion, thus equipped with a gas supply, degassing means, a vacuum pumping system, diagnostics and multiple ports for access. This kind of device may allow to conduct experiments on IEC (Inertial Electrostatic Confinment) like a “fusor”, but also to investigate others configurations like MEPC (Magnetic Electrostatic Plasma Confinement) like Polywell or penning traps. 

I ve also decided to publish the coming posts only in english, as i have a lot of supporting messages coming from North america and United Kingdom, and really no signs of interest coming from french speaking countries. 

From left to right, the vacuum pumping rack, in the center the experience support rack that will host the vacuum chamber and the computer rack that drives the whole.

  • Vacuum and refrigeration rack is complete, labview applications are being programmed.
  • The computer rack is being wired, with two computers already configured and running.
  • The main rack supporting the experience chamber is made, the integration of various parts is in progress.

A view of my workshop

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