work status – february 2019

The purpose of this post is to draw up regularly the status of the project in the sense of the design progress, the difficulties expected, the documentary research to initiate or to continue, possibly new ideas to explore. It also contains a point of progress about building, tests and trials.

1/ design

We are now in the first stage of my project, which is to complete a fully functionnal experimental system based on 3 racks, one for vacuum, one for computer control and one for the vacuum chamber and peripherals. All the vacuum process, gas feed in the chamber, power supply units, diagnostic devices and cooling systems are controlled from computer software designed under labview ansd shared on a private network through EPICS protocol. 

2/ building log

The main ongoing task is to complete the assembly of the rack supporting the vacuum chamber and various devices for diagnostics 

3/ ongoing tests and trials

I m one the way to start new vacuum tests with the vacuum chamber being installed on its rack.

4/ Expected difficulties

I still have not found a solution to obtain deuterium in France, despite contact with several companies.

5/ documentary research

I m on the way to gather a great amount of documents about various subjects :

  • methods for heating a plasma
  • pulsed power supplies designed for strong magnetic field coils 
  • methods for outgassing a vacuum chamber (Glow discharge, heating, chemical cleaning and so on)

In the same time, i m still translating in french a lot of documents about IEC, MEPC, fusors, compact fusion reactors and so on


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