Polywell – introduction

For my own  project: for the moment, I am not absolutely sure that the polywell will be the configuration that I will adopt to carry out my experiments. But the concept is particularly attractive and remains one of my favorite goals. sources:  The “Polywell” Approach to Fusion The World’s Simplest Fusion Reactor Revisited  – Tom […]

Last news

Reverse gear, again – 17/02/2019 The site is in full redesign, having abandoned the project of a miniature stellarator which faces insurmountable technical difficulties . I must therefore  return to a my initial project that aims to have a set of tools  to conduct fusion experiments.  The aim is to build a vacuum chamber allowing different […]

work status – february 2019

The purpose of this post is to draw up regularly the status of the project in the sense of the design progress, the difficulties expected, the documentary research to initiate or to continue, possibly new ideas to explore. It also contains a point of progress about building, tests and trials. 1/ design We are now […]